Prague Green City Guide

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První průvodce zeleným životním stylem v Praze. Poskytuje přehled farmářských tržišť, bio obchodů, vegetariánské a veganské restaurace a další. Kniha je psaná v anglickém jazyce.

Prague Green City Guide is the first guidebook to look at Prague, the so-called golden city, from a green point of view — and no, we’re not talking about absinthe, though it’s also green and may change the way you look at things!

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This book is for eco-minded travelers who wish to discover the city’s most conscious spots, from eco hotels and biking trails to vegetarian restaurants and sustainable design shops, and to do so with style. No matter whether you’re vegan or flexitarian, prefer to bike or drive a Tesla, we’ve got tips to help you have a memorable trip that leaves Prague better off than when you arrived